Charlotte Greeson, MMEd

  Studio in the Oaks  - A nurturing environment where students learn the fine arts of piano and vocal expression


Charlotte Greeson, fondly called “Ms. G,” is an accomplished composer, arranger, conductor, producer, and author. With a bachelor of arts degree in piano, a master of music education degree in voice, and doctoral work in vocal pedagogy, Charlotte has a rare gift of music.

            She has directed outstanding musical groups for more than forty years in both the public and private sectors of music education. She has also served as judge, adjudicator, clinician, and/or conductor on many occasions for district, regional, and state music competitions.

            Charlotte maintains a well-known private voice and piano studio where she teaches, composes, and coaches piano and vocal students, both children and adults. She is also an adjunct teacher at the Fine Arts Academy in Keller, Texas. And she conducts an adult community chorus, the Legacy Singers. 

            In her spare time, Charlotte loves to travel, read, and sing. She lives in Bedford,

                                                                             Texas, with her dog, Aria.