Charlotte Greeson, MMEd

  Studio in the Oaks  - A nurturing environment where students learn the fine arts of piano and vocal expression

Welcome to Studio in the Oaks!

Studio in the Oaks is one of the most nurturing schools of music education in the Mid-Cities area of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. A seasoned music teacher, Charlotte Greeson generates confidence and enjoyment while teaching piano and voice in a beautiful setting.

Students are tutored in many of the favorite styles of acoustic piano. The basics of classical piano technique are firmly instilled by the attention given to individual students as they develop attention to

the detail and theory of learning to play the piano through fun, contemporary music as well as great keyboard literature.


Voice students learn how to develop their instruments through the study of vocal technique and repertoire that fits their level of expertise when they enter the studio.


The ultimate goal of this studio is for each student to develop the confidence needed to enjoy a lifetime of music.

Further information may be found in the Studio in the Oaks Handbook located on this website.